Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Doesn't that just make you want to SMILE!
BEER MITTENS naturally sounds like some fun. The mittens were made for the Newport Storm Brewing Company newports storm a really nice company with some great guys who look like they are having fun brewing beer in Rhode Island.
Mittens are the image of Winter fun, playing outdoors, grandmas warm mittens made especially for you, building snowmen, a cup of hot chocolate and standing around watching a good hockey game. This is one reason I love making mittens, each pair goes off on a new adventure with the buyer.
We do knitted mittens too, but only in the summer months as they take a lot of production time and we want to keep orders in the Fall in the 4-6 weeks delivery time for our ever popular knit caps.
I have been getting a lot of requests for a mitten like the red Canadian Olympic mittens, these mittens yes, are just beautiful and it is one of our favorite color combinations to work with. How the mittens are actually made is labor intensive: the mitten is first knittted on a flat machine and then each mitten has to be embroidered on the outside top of the hand with the rings and then on the back side on the palm with the leaf; this makes it a 4 hoop process (see blog: mittens like love come in pairs) Then put it all back together with a regular sewing machine and hand finish off closing the tops. We knit ours the same way, flat with hand finishing. Our fleece mittens can be embroidered on both the top and the inside and have a much faster production time and a much better price point and have a nice look to them. I've always thought that a nice paw print on the inside for the schools with animal mascots would be nice...just have to get a pair out there for you to take a look at.
Take a look at some Red and White inspiration of ours!